CCS-2 GSA BPA No. FA8055-17-A-1101< CCS-2 GSA BPA No. FA8055-17-A-1101

About this contract

With world-leading products, technology-based solutions and professional support services, HP helps the U.S. Airforce, other Federal agencies and civilian contractors manage their IT needs.

AFWAY/CCS BPA pricing is very competitive, and in some cases significantly better than what you can get through the GSA schedule. You may place an order by going directly to the AFWAY e-commerce site

The AFWAY/CCS contract is a blanket purchase agreement (BPA) for procurement of IT products and services. Authorized users include Department of Defense (DoD) organizations to include the Department of the Air Force, TRICARE Management Agency, Office of the Surgeon General, Office of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, Department of the Navy, Department of the Army, the Office of the Secretary of Defense and contractors supporting these agencies who are on contract to fulfill government requirements when authorized under the Federal Acquisition Regulation (FAR) Subpart 51.100 and by the BPA PCO provided there is no conflict with the GSA definition of authorized users.

Contract Summary
Contract name Client Computing Solutions BPA (CCS-2 BPA)
Contract number FA8055-17-A-1101
Contract period 12/12/2016 through 12/11/2021
Agency USAF Air Force Installation Contracting Agency (AFICA), 771st Enterprise Sourcing Squadron, Information Technology Contracting Flight (771 ESS/EGI)
Eligible agencies Department of the Air Force, Defense Health Agency-Air Force (DHA-AF), Department of the Navy, White House Communications Agency (WHCA) and the Office of the Secretary of Defense. Contractors supporting these agencies, who are on contract to fulfill government requirements on a cost reimbursable basis when authorized under the FAR Subpart 51.100, may be granted specific permission by the CCS-2 Contracting Officer to make purchases through the BPAs, provided there is no conflict with the GSA definition of authorized users. The BPA holder shall not accept orders from contractors or other agencies unless written authorization from the CCS-2 Contracting Officer accompanies the order. Product and pricing information will be available to all registered users of the Air Force e-commerce purchasing portal, including nongovernmental personnel.
Ordering 1-888-328-4632 Option 2 or
HP products & services The range of product categories under this BPA includes all client (end user) computing devices (computers and displays) manufactured by the OEM, associated peripherals and incidental services.
Configurations, quotes or ordering assistance 1-888-328-4632 (Option 2 Sales, Option 3 Customer Service)
Sales e-mail Send e-mail to the HP AFWAY team
Support hotline 1-888-328-4632 Option 4
Payment terms 30 days
Warranty Commercially accepted standard business class warranty unless otherwise indicated in the RFQ
Contractor address HPI Federal LLC
1299 Pennsylvania Ave NW Suite 475
Washington, DC 20004
Purchase orders address HPI Federal LLC
1299 Pennsylvania Ave NW Suite 475
Washington, DC 20004
Remit-to address HPI Federal LLC
P.O. Box 932956
Atlanta, GA 30392-2956
Wire transfers Bank Name : Wells Fargo
Account number : 2000022978040
Contractor information Fed tax # 47-333-0412
DUNS # 079871826 CAGE code 7ESQ7

HPI Federal LLC Points of Contact
Federal Operations Manager Samantha Hall, 888-860-9493
Send e-mail to Samantha Hall
Operations Program Manager Monica Sipes, 410-255-3495
Send e-mail to Monica Sipes
Contract Manager Sally Cook, 202-831-58260
Send e-mail to Sally Cook
Configurations, quotes, ordering, or technical product assistance 1-888-328-4632

Air Force Points of Contact
Contracting Officer AF Installation Contracting Agency (AFICA) Russ Carruth: 334-416-6576
CCS-2 Program Manager Kenneth Williams: 334-416-5200